A Stroll Through Pandas 1.0, Python’s Tabular Data Powerhouse

Thanks to Pandas, I have automated some data cleaning and file reading processes at my job. Here are some terms and code that have been useful or interesting to me after 14 months of exploration. I’ve also checked out “Python for Data Analysis” from the epic Chicago Public Library system, so bits of this has … Continue reading Pandas, Python’s Excel Powerhouse

Python File Handling Basics

The basis of many great programs revolve around a simple set of operations: Open a file. Do something with the file contents. Save the new file for the user. Python is nice and simple for this. Paste the below lines into a text editor and save as a .py file. You need to have Python 3 […]

Oversimplified Javascript Terms

I’m finally coming around in my understanding of Javascript. Here are a few quick explanations to help you if you are new to it. Javascript = The language of the web. Most commonly used as a complement to HTML and CSS to create an interactive website. JQuery = A popular Javascript library with many powerful […]

Should You Go To Programming School?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Below are some thoughts that may help you decide. What are your programming goals? Get a coding job? Create an app or website? Become more productive at your current job? What is your current experience level? Are you starting fresh or do you already know a language or two? Do […]