Benefits of Go and Threads in Distributed Systems

Preface These are my YouTube lecture notes from MIT’s Distributed Systems course. Thank you MIT and Professor Morris! MIT 6.824 Distributed Systems Lecture 2: RPC and Threads – Feb 7, 2020 Prof. Robert Morris (Spring 2020) Introduction Go is a popular programming language choice so my ears perked up when this lecture began. These notes […]

Lightning Scripts ⚡

You may or may not be familiar with PyCon‘s Lightning Talks, a session of quick hitter talks given each year on a variety of topics. These “Lightning Scripts” are ten of my favorite Python scripts that have served me well as of late to perform a variety of tasks. Highlights include the glob, os, calendar, […]

Creating Isolated Python Environments with Virtualenv

Why bother? Because with virtualenv, we can create multiple Python environments on one computer that each: Are capable of running different versions of Python. Right now I have both Python 2.7 and Python 3.8 installed and am able to create either environment and run code with that version’s Python interpreter. Isolate dependencies for external libraries. […]


pytudes – “This project contains pytudes—Python programs for perfecting programming skills.” Building a video synthesizer in Python Running micropython on a microcontroller Pandas – Super awesome excel and data analysis library. The talk, “Pandas from the Ground Up” by Brandon Rhodes is great! Fuzzy Wuzzy – Fuzzy string matching python library, written by SeatGeek Talk Python […]