Useful Links for web2py Beginners

As I’ve been grappling with web2py, I’ve found a lot of useful posts and sites that have helped me along the way: How to Deploy Your App to PythonAnywhere: So easy it’s amazing. I’ve already deployed an app to see if I could. For CSS – I found this and this useful. I’ve learned a tiny amount of […]

Getting Started With web2py

Feeling really good about my progress with web2py. The tutorial videos are comprehensive, yet easy to understand. For a beginner, the “batteries included” philosophy that web2py has embraced is a godsend. This means everything you need to get creating comes stock. I downloaded the web2py program, ran it, entered a password, and was immediately using a functional […]

Choosing a Web Development Path

I have recently finished this HTML course, which recommends using cPanel to configure websites. So I bought a domain and registered with cPanel. What I thought would happen in trying to create a website/app: Buy a domain and use cPanel and Python in perfect sync to create a website. Reality: cPanel is configured mostly for PHP. You […]