Python Libraries, Tools + Resources for Creative and Academic Writers

Today I scoured the internet for tools written in Python that assist writing in any form. After some relentless Google and Github searching, here are my favorites. I found tools to help write modular stories and novels, screenwriting with Trelby and several libraries for academic papers. I haven’t tried all of these… yet! Storywriting manuskript: […]

Aggregating A Python Error Summary from Log Files

Follow these steps to maintain more reliable scripts and catch more of your traceback errors: automate your scripts to run daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Log all your traceback errors with the logging module. I like dumping all of my logs into a single folder. automate aggregating the logs and parsing tracebacks start a feedback loop […]

Benefits of Go and Threads in Distributed Systems

Preface These are my YouTube lecture notes from MIT’s Distributed Systems course. Thank you MIT and Professor Morris! MIT 6.824 Distributed Systems Lecture 2: RPC and Threads – Feb 7, 2020 Prof. Robert Morris (Spring 2020) Introduction Go is a popular programming language choice so my ears perked up when this lecture began. These notes […]

Characterizing Database Workloads & Storage Models

Thank you Carnegie Mellon Database Group for putting this online! These are my notes from watching on YouTube. Carnegie Mellon Databases Storage II, Lecture 4 Prof. Andy Pavlo [Watch on YouTube] The Problem and Solution How should the DBMS represent the database in storage files on disk? Solve it by choosing the right storage model […]