To Knowledge Seekers

You will find you are not alone on your path

Your steps, though new to you, others have taken

Those who reach will find guides in passing lighting the way

May we expand on the foundation they have laid for us

To live and learn wisely 

and explore the galaxies within and without

Hi, My name is Erick 👋

I write this blog to track my technological experiments. I started coding in 2016. I am not limited to Python but it is the tool I am most experienced with, so I use it a lot!

Python Marketer is my struggle to learn programming coalesced into a blog for delicious, nutritious human consumption. I write to help myself remember how to do something and also to make learning something new a little easier for you, the studious and determined reader.

I love feeling my knowledge of a topic grow. Studying, learning and acquiring skill is key to better quality of life. We need to prioritize education for ourselves and support our fellow humans in their growth. 🤓

Check Out Python Marketer’s Open Data Github Repository

All reader data from this blog is published on Github. There you’ll find reader by country data analysis in a Jupyter Notebook. This post I wrote shows more info about using Jupyter and matplotlib for data analysis if you’re curious about it. But you can also view the Jupyter notebook in Github.

This blog endorses supporting these organizations:

Black Girls Code


Python Software Foundation

Your questions and proposals are welcome, drop a line: erickrumbold[at]gmail[dot]com

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