40 Open Source Libraries and Tools for the Modern Developer

I usually find a lot of these tools from viewing GitHub’s trending repositories. When I find a novel repo, I’ll star it to remember for later. This is a list of free, open source software spanning security, AI, cloud, HTTP, JSON, monitoring, dev ops and more.

I enjoy finding and cataloging new packages as much as using them sometimes. Some of these I’ll never use. By filing them away, I can recall in it the future if I am faced with a problem that they can solve. Enjoy!

  1. NeMo: a LLM (large language model) toolkit for conversational AI from Nvidia
  2. LMOps: general technology for enabling LLMs from Microsoft
  3. Prometheus: open source monitoring tool, built on top of Go
  4. aws-cli: universal command line AWS interface
  5. httptoolkit: “HTTP Toolkit is a beautiful & open-source tool for debugging, testing and building with HTTP(S) on Windows, Linux & Mac”
  6. curl: ubiquitous command line tool for transferring data with URL syntax
  7. curl-impersonate: a special build of curl that can impersonate Chrome and Firefox browsers
  8. jq: touted JSON command line tool
  9. jc: CLI tool and Python library that converts out of popular command line tools to other formats
  10. JSONView: a Chrome web extension that applys XML-style code formatting to JSON in your browser, written in Typescript
  11. thug: a Python based “honey client”, used to mimic user behavior in a web browser in order to detect and emulate malicious content
  12. OpenTelemetry: open source tracing and monitoring app
  13. nocodb: an open source airtable alternative
  14. dnstake: a fast tool to check for DNS vulnerabilities
  15. croc: easily and securely send things from one computer to another
  16. buku: inter-browser bookmark transfer tool
  17. backstage: an open platform for building developer portals, written in Typescript
  18. sentry: a “developer first” error tracking and performance monitoring platform
  19. sidekick: free and open source live action debugging platform, like chrome dev tools for your backend
  20. Prowler: an open source security tool to perform cloud best practices
  21. Earthly: create a CI/CD continuous developer system
  22. metabase: the easy, open source way for everyone in your company to ask questions and learn from data
  23. Zulip: open source team chat
  24. Joplin: an open source note taking and to do list application
  25. fastup: a tool for gaining insights from large image collections and detecting anomalies
  26. Upptime: an open source uptime monitor and status page connected to Github
  27. Rembg: tool to remove the background from images
  28. dyna-cli: convert Python functions to Linux shell commands
  29. Penpot: the open source design & prototyping platform
  30. pgcat: postgresQL pooler with sharding, load balancing and fail over support
  31. pedalboard: a Python library for working with audio from Spotify
  32. OpenRPA: free open source enterprise grade robot process automation software. See also: more free RPA tools
  33. hook-slinger: manage webhooks with Python
  34. vidcutter: a modern video editing tool
  35. XSSstrike: most advanced Cross Site Scripting detector
  36. wifiPhisher: wifi security testing tool with Python extensions
  37. Salt: an “any infrastructure” automation tool built on Python
  38. Locust: a scalable load testing Python library
  39. Fabric: simple, Pythonic remote execution and deployment via ssh
  40. ShareX: free and open source program that lets you capture and record your screen, written in C#