App Review: Why You Should Use Pocket to Save Your Reads

I’m really enjoying using Pocket as my primary reading app on my cell phone. My top need is to download articles I find on the internet for offline viewing. This app does that and more in a smooth interface. This review reflects the perspective of using the Pocket Android version, pictured here:

dark theme with saved articles

Key Features and Benefits

  • download articles & blogs to read offline
  • quickly share a webpage to the Pocket app in 2 taps from your browser
  • dark or light themes available
  • free app, downloadable on your Android or iOS device
  • converts and stores articles as podcast style listenable audio
  • ability to archive or delete old articles
  • includes tags to categorize your reads
  • filter by length of the read, “short reads” or “long reads” and read or unread
  • the length of the article is displayed in minutes it takes to read it
  • chooses the best format to present the website, as “article view” or “web view”
  • auto-bookmarking, aka you can close out of an article and it will remember where you were the next time you open it
  • discover new stuff to read within the Pocket app
  • highlight key points in a text to remember and save for later
  • For developers, there is a Pocket API. Apps and integrations are available for other products like Zapier, Evernote, Amazon Alexa and Slack.
  • created by Mozilla, a privacy friendly company that also created the Firefox web browser
saving is quick and easy
filter saved articles by length

The Pocket app is an overall great product and I felt compelled to endorse it here for the satisfaction it has brought me a in a short amount of time. It has increased my reading throughput. It’s perfect for when you find yourself without an internet connection, in sparsely populated areas, on an airplane or while traveling in foreign countries.

I recommend this app to anyone who compulsively reads blogs and articles. It will help you keep up with the neverending stream of text also known as the internet. Might I suggest saving a few posts from this blog also?