Getting People to Use Software is Hard

You’re sure you’ve created a stellar solution to a problem at hand. You took the time to think an idea out and execute. You iterated tirelessly, making tweaks and creating a tool that will sell itself to potential human users. Everyone loves their own creation. Others will realize the tool’s value too!

There’s only one problem. People’s default setting is to not want to use your software. Whether it’s low code, no code, Excel, PHP or Python driven, people are resistant to software. They don’t want to use it unless it’s so obvious and easy that the value is immediately visible.

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Getting humans to put in the time and effort to learn how to use your tools is really tough. It has to be excellent. The bar is high. You have to understand your users’ needs and perceptions intimately. And even then, you’ll probably still fail. Regardless, we keep trying because we are obsessed with solving a problem or simply paid to keep trying to solve the problem.

Building a solution is easy. Automating a task to maintain application state is also sometimes. In my experience, making something that other humans will actually trust and use is not. Keep trying. /rant