6 of the Hottest Python Libraries in 2023

Here’s a short list of Python packages making a splash this year:

  • pyscript: execute Python code in your web browser
  • ruff: code linting package built with Rust and Python
  • FastAPI: a rapidly adopted web framework for building APIs
  • polars: high performance pandas drop in replacement, also built with Rust and Python
  • buzz: Python package that accesses the Whisper API’s text transcription of audio
  • tomllib: new in the Python 3.11 standard library. It’s quietly picking up steam amongst Python developers. Tom’s Obvious Minimal Language, TOML, “a config file format for humans

Python + Rust = High Performance

A common theme I’ve noticed is the emergence of Rust as a performance complement to Python code. It seems we can expect modularity between the two languages to strengthen their collective abilities.

example polars dataframe code

Python is still growing and evolving.

It’s great to see. Including the ability to parse TOML config files in the standard library is a vote of confidence by the Python community. I will now seek to use TOML in my own projects.

Web frameworks and web browsers are king.

FastAPI is the new option in a space dominated by Flask and Django. Web frameworks allow developers to quickly create websites.

Running Python in a browser has been a movement in recent years. First Pyodide, WASM euphoria, and now a Python library that takes Python in a browser to new levels. Excited to see where these projects go and what new buzzy libraries will emerge this year!