pymarketer: an HTTP + Spreadsheet Wrangling Python package

Typically, this blog reviews the other Python libraries in its vast ecosystem. This time, it’s my own package I made for fun, pymarketer. This was created in a single day and can be installed from the Github repo. Have a go at my most read post if you need help with pip.

Install with pip from source Github repo:

python -m pip install git+

The pymarketer package helps you do things like:

  • merging all the tabs of an Excel file into one CSV
  • generate HTTP code
  • make a word cloud image
  • splitting a CSV
  • merging CSVs

Generating a Word Cloud with the pymarketer Package (via wordcloud)

import pandas as pd
import pymarketer as pm

xl = "Chicago Breweries.xlsx"
df = pd.read_excel(xl)
# Make a wordcloud from a pandas dataframe.
wordcloud = pm.word_cloud(df)
wordcloud.to_file("Text Word Cloud Visualization.jpg")

This package relied on several Python libraries to complete:

I’ll likely expand on this in the future. Anyone who wrangles data might be able to apply this package to good profit. At minimum, you might find it interesting to take a look at the project’s to see how some of the functions are implemented.

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