Beyond the Standard Library, An External Python Modules Starter Pack

Here is a list of external Python modules you can install with pip. These are not included with your Python version and need to be installed separately. In some cases, other options may be suitable. To keep the list shorter, I picked libraries that were chosen based on having at least one of these qualities:

  • most obvious library for its category
  • a library I have experience using effectively
  • provide a niche, useful functionality or tool

In alphabetical order:

  1. black: code formatting
  2. chardet: detect file encoding (useful for reading CSVs)
  3. diagrams: make cloud architecture diagrams
  4. Django: web framework
  5. fastapi: web framework for building APIs
  6. ffn: financial function library
  7. Flask: web framework
  8. ftfy: fix mojibake in text
  9. fuzzywuzzy: fuzzy matching library
  10. matplotlib: data visualization
  11. numpy: array operations
  12. openpyxl: foundational Excel library
  13. pandas: working with tabular data
  14. pelican: static site generator
  15. psutil: process and system utilities
  16. pygame: video game creation
  17. pyodbc: Open Database Connection client
  18. py-spy: sampling profiler to visualize your program
  19. pyheat: visualize code bottlenecks
  20. pytest: testing framework
  21. pytrends: research trends in the Google Trends API
  22. pytube3: YouTube video downloading library
  23. pywin32: Python for Win32 Extensions
  24. requests: HTTP requests
  25. scikit-learn: machine learning
  26. soltrack: calculate the location of the sun
  27. sqlfluff: SQL linter
  28. streamlit: build data apps
  29. tqdm: add a progress bar to loops
  30. wxPython: Graphical User Interface
  31. xlrd: supplementary Excel library
  32. xmltodict: convert XML to nested Python dicts

Python Documentation: Installing Python Modules