Recycling Old Electronics in Chicago

Though we feel powerless at times, our individual choices can have ripple effects which can help us preserve Earth’s precious materials. Here is how to recycle your old electronics in Chicago. Definitely check out if your city has a similar program for recycling electronics.

Look up the schedule for any Chicago address here:

I was able to look up my address, see the recycling pickup schedule for my street, and see collection events for old electronics and waste. I scheduled an email reminder for the day before an upcoming event near me. I have a graveyard of broken phones and a busted Macbook that I want to dispose of.

Our recycling program also accepts nail polish, chemicals, paints, auto fluids, pharmaceuticals and “Misc. Hazardous Waste”. I learned today that the city says alkaline batteries are ok to throw away in the trash since they no longer contain Mercury like they did in the ’90s.

The website also has an option for Spanish language speakers. You can sign up for email updates on the city’s recycling program at the bottom of their website. Overall, I give the city’s recycling service an A+ for its accessibility. Happy to see a wealth of resources available to re-purpose our planet’s resources. If we all choose to care in our day to day lives, we can make a better future for generations to come.

Tip: Best BuyStaplesDell and Apple offer trade-in credits for recycling newer electronics with them.  Choose trade-in over e-cycling if your electronics still have some life. Better for the planet, better for your wallet.

Here’s what to take: 
•   All computer-related equipment (monitors, mice, hard drives, CPU’s, computer cables, keyboards, laptops, etc.)
•   Cell phones
•   Fax machines
•   Scanners
•   Printers/copiers
•   Televisions
•   DVD players
•   VHS players
•   MP3/digital music players
•   PDAs
•   Video game consoles
•   Zip drive
•   Computer cables

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