An Ode to Code

Making time to code can be done every day. Carve out those little moments where you can automate tedious tasks or study up on that hot new Python library that takes your quality to another level.

Take time to reorganize and refactor in your favorite text editor. Break your script, then break it again. Break it until it works. Absorb your new abilities as a machine literate human and build skills on top of skills. Make a breakthrough. The code is great. It makes sense. Another tweak here, another tweak there. Run black on it and then have a go at PEP-8 to brush up on your style. More tweaks, and need to add some docstrings for more clarity.

Another one bites the dust. Who knows where your skills could grow. Following the code is a delightful road. Some days it’s hard. Some days it’s easy. But it’s fulfilling if you treat it like a locksmith does keys. Knowledge is flowing. The craft is built in each moment. Challenges overcome. Battles won. New innovations to munge.

Code is the medium to communicate with machines and leverage their efficiency for convenient means. Tighter the web we weave with transistors and screens, the more we’ll need dignified intermediaries of man and machine. Here’s to the good code and the bad code we all will write. May we never let something stop our logical flights to code a better dream.