Documentation is the Gateway to Delegation

The first step to offloading a task is writing down how to complete it. Once the process is typed into a lean text file or wiki page, it can be learned by another human. This helps your team, but what’s in it for you?

The most selfish programmers probably want to free up their time to focus on more interesting work instead of repetitive processes and maintenance. Therefore, the most selfish programmers should love writing documentation. These types of tasks are somewhat unavoidable, so committing to writing documentation will help you push it over to your teammates.

Write to free yourself of your laundry list of recurring tasks. It’s the first step to someone else to be able to step in for you or to delegate to someone else completely. On the plus side, you’ll be less reliant on your meaty human brain to remember how to do it. Be selfish, take time to write down how to do your work!