Launch the Browser with a Windows Batch File

Can it be scripted? Ask yourself this question about everything you do. Every application opened, website viewed and task you knock out in the course of a day might be worth writing a script to automate. As an example, here is a Windows batch file that opens 3 websites I visit frequently:

Open Websites.bat

Save below 3 lines as a “.bat” file and double click it to launch the websites in a browser.

(start "Netflix" ""
start "Twitter" ""
start "Gmail" "")

Anything and everything is subject to automation. You can use Windows Scripting, Python, R, other programming languages or RPA. Keep your eyes peeled for time you could be saving. One script like this might save (a few seconds everyday) x (every day for the rest of your life). Or more. Sometimes, I find myself piddling away at something I don’t really need to be struggling to remember. Consider writing a script for it!