20 Eclectic Computer Science Wikipedia Articles

Here are 20 random technology-oriented Wikipedia links I recently collected after re-organizing troves of bookmarked links accumulated over the past few years. These articles peek into the wide variety of things to learn about that exist in Computer Science. ABL. Always. Be. Learning. Curiosity and well organized browser bookmarks are your friend.

I support Wikipedia with a donation nearly every year. It’s an amazing resource to learn about everything and I’m very grateful for it. Thank you for existing, Wikipedia. It’s is a great jumping off point to learn about something I don’t understand, which is much of this list here.

Algorithms & Theories

Deterministic algorithm

Greater fool theory (economics)

Man or boy test – compiler theory from Donald Knuth

Recursion – the most common algorithm I read about in passing


Cache + Cache invalidation

caching is a common technique to store data so that it can be quickly fetched later with limited usage of database resources.

Column-oriented DBMS

Data definition language

Database normalization

Lock (mutex)

Hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP)

Online transaction processing (OLTP) – Making lots of writes to the database.

Online analytical processing (OLAP) – Reading the database. Lots of joins.


Asynchrony Used for performing operations in parallel.

Event-driven programming

Async is always event-driven, but not the other way round.

Stephen Chung – Stack Overflow

Functional Programming

Garbage collection – automatic memory management

Parallel Computing

Reinforcement learning – one paradigm of machine learning

Remote procedure call

List of Lists of Lists – check out the “Technology” section

Final Reminders

Thank you for reading, hope you found something you liked! Here’s another post with more free resources for learning computer science online.