Oversimplified Javascript Terms

I’m finally coming around in my understanding of Javascript. Here are a few quick explanations to help you if you are new to it.

Javascript = The language of the web. Most commonly used as a complement to HTML and CSS to create an interactive website.

JQuery = A popular Javascript library with many powerful commands that are quick and easy to call.

Node.JS = Software that allows you to run Javascript from the command line without being connected to the internet.

Express.JS = A popular Node.JS framework.

Angular = A popular front-end Javascript web framework. There are many out there but this seems to be the one I’ve heard of the most.

I’ve begun to see a pattern with programming languages:
1) Learn to execute the core building blocks. (using variables, loops, functions, etc.)
2) Learn more advanced libraries, documentation and uses.
3) Consider using and learning web frameworks depending on what you’re trying to do with the language.
4) Practice to hone your knowledge. Build things you like.

I’ve also noticed that Javascript has been easier to learn than Python was for me, because it’s not my first programming language. The concepts are the same. The syntax can trip me up at times, but I’m currently flying through Codeacademy’s Javascript courses. Sometimes it even seems fun!

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