Tips For Creating Useful Ideas

11 Ideas from people who have created great products, businesses, or ideas:

  1. Expertise in a field or product is one of the best assets. Nike’s founders started out by making their prototype shoe designs themselves with a waffle iron. // Shoe Dog
  2. Scratch your own itch. Create the product that you wish existed in the world. Write the book you want to read. // Austin Kleon // Indie Hackers
  3. Observe a problem or inconvenience that exists in the world and create a better solution. // Product Development Class
  4. Find a niche and create something useful for that segment of people. // Seth Godin
  5. For every attribute, there is an opposite, effective attribute. // Law 14, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing
  6. Launch quickly, show to people, get feedback, and iterate your idea. // Rework
  7. Use combinatory play. Take ideas from different disciplines and combine them to bring about new ideas. // Brain Pickings
  8. Invest in improving your product versus marketing. A great product is obvious to a potential customer. // Seth Godin
  9. People remember how you or your product made them feel versus cost, etc.
  10. An idea doesn’t have to be revolutionary. Many new businesses or products take an existing product and make a slight modification or add a new twist.
  11. Many of the successful people during the gold rush sold pick-axes to the miners.

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