We move in cycles. Work, rest, re-energize, play, repeat. The rhythm of life.

I began my coding endeavors in the fall of 2015. After 6 months of steady coding practice and studying, I went from no knowledge to a basic hobbyist programmer capable of creating a website with the help of a framework. I published a few of my own primitive apps. Then I relapsed. Coding and my full-time job wore me out. I stayed away from coding for about 6 months.

My ultimate goal to learn to code was to be able to build my own websites and apps. I’ve done that now. I’ve found ways to do it more efficiently, which I will share in future posts.

Two of my recent moonshot projects were Social Queues, a social playlist builder for Spotify and Dropcycle, a bicycle on demand pick-up service. Neither went anywhere, or really were that good of ideas, but I was able to get to bare minimum viable product status, with little to no code. Sites like work well to build a quick landing page as proof of concept or landing page test. My favorite project might be my Tame Impala website, which I used web2py to build the site and pythonanywhere to host for free 🙂

My aspirations have shifted. Instead of just building apps, I want to build apps that are useful to others and help me achieve financial freedom and the ability to own my time.

I believe in cycles of learning. Similar to being in school: semester of study, then time off to rest, then semester of study, more rest, etc. The time away is as important as the time of study. Earlier this year, I returned to programming and web development. After a long time of not writing on this blog, I’m back at it. New cycle.


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