On Learning New Things

Most new skills I’ve tried to learn seem to follow a similar trajectory:

  • Stage One – Beginner’s Thrill: A rapid growth and learning pace at the beginning, because I’m conquering a lot of small goals, diving into something new and there are rapid gains which feels great.
  • Stage Two – Amateur’s Reality: The pace of learning and accomplishment levels off. I’m still learning, but the leaps forward start following a plateau trajectory. This stage is not as rewarding as the first. The key is to push through and jump to the next plateau and keep improving.
  • Stage Three – Mastery: This is the goal with most things I want to learn, and if I gain enough experience and skill, I’ll have the ability to apply the new things I’ve learned to accomplish my goals.

This is my own way of paraphrasing what I’ve read a million times on the internet – put in the hours, stay focused and don’t stop trying. Right now I’m somewhere around stage one/two with Python. Gotta keep pushing forward. (This blog is also serving as a pep talk to myself.)

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