Choosing a Web Development Path

I have recently finished this HTML course, which recommends using cPanel to configure websites. So I bought a domain and registered with cPanel.

  • What I thought would happen in trying to create a website/app: Buy a domain and use cPanel and Python in perfect sync to create a website.
  • Reality: cPanel is configured mostly for PHP. You can run Python scripts with it, but it doesn’t seem to be the most effective route from what I’ve read.

So I went back to the drawing board and I’ve simplified this down to two basic paths:

Options Languages Hosting Framework / IDE
Path 1 Build a website using Python + Python Web Frameworks and HTML PythonAnywhere or other Python friendly hosts web2py
Path 2 Use a combo of HTML, Javascript + Python, other languages cPanel, many other hosts None (AKA I’m not sure)

I’m going with Path 1 because the only language I know is Python. I hope to learn other languages like Javascript and CSS but would like to get building as fast as possible.

I found a free web hosting service called PythonAnywhere. There are other free and paid Python-friendly hosts that allow you to use Python.

Instead of the previously mentioned web frameworks, I’ve chosen web2py as a starter because of its compatibility with PythonAnywhere, its simplicity, easy to read documentation and relative ease of use for beginners.

+ A note on PythonAnywhere: they get 5 stars for the tutorial pictured below. It is very nice to see in the whirlwind of confusion of learning to deal with code and a new environment.

PythonAnywhere Tutorial

++ Love this opening quote from web2py Documentation: “I believe that the ability to easily build high quality web applications is of critical importance for the growth of a free and open society. This prevents the biggest players from monopolizing the flow of information.”

+++ A note on web2py so far: the videos from the creator, Massimo Di Pierro, are super useful!

Update: consider using py4web, web2py’s successor

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