Quote of Zen: “Productivity isn’t about running faster or pushing yourself harder, but rather, about working smarter and paying a bit more attention to what is really going on.” – New York Times Blog

Book I’m Reading Right Now: Eloquent Javascript

Recent Discovery: Integrated Development Environments for Web Programming – another piece of the web development puzzle; software that contains the front and back end elements for writing code, compiling and testing. This article from Stack Overflow clarifies the difference between an IDE and a web framework.

Edit: Wanted to also mention this counterpoint against IDEs for beginners: “Although many IDEs can handle more than one language, few do it well. Plus, it’s likely overkill if you are just getting started.”

“Finally, if you’re just beginning Python, let me put in a plug for simple editors: it’s best for you to learn the language and its libraries well writing it all yourself, and then if you think an IDE would speed your work along, use it. You’ll find that you learn the language faster and more completely if you take this route.” – Python Central

Ultimately your approach and tools used for any coding project depends on what you’re trying to build, which language(s) used, and your own knowledge – and I’m still learning.

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