Starting to Almost Kinda Think About Creating a Web App

One of my first goals when I started learning Python was to build a web application. Once you’ve gotten a basic grip on Python, you might be ready to learn about web frameworks. A web framework consists of software designed to aid in web development. They make it easier to create a website or web app – if you know how to use them. Unfortunately, there is a learning curve to using the frameworks but thankfully there is plenty o’ documentation to go around to help you.

Here are the two Python Frameworks I’ve chosen to investigate (there are many out here on the webs):

  • Django – widely used, great community support, comes with just about everything built in. Can be used for smaller apps or multi-page/app websites.
  • Flask – a “microframework” used for smaller apps. Possibly more manageable for someone beginning a smaller project (me!)

So as a beginnerish-level coder, I’ve chosen to start with Flask; I also found this sweet guide that I think will help. Maybe someday I will graduate to Django, it sounds like a great framework. I’ve also decided that first I need to brush up on my HTML – And according to a lot of what I’ve read it doesn’t hurt to know CSS/Javascript. So this whole “build a web app” idea will continue, albeit with some hurdles to clear first.

Edit: I ended up choosing web2py, which I hadn’t even considered when I wrote this originally! Here’s a post about why I chose it.

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