Tkinter and Python Libraries

Python’s set of libraries are fun to explore. They allow Python to work with many types of other coding languages, allow you to do cool stuff, and seem to require a minimal knowledge of the actual code. You can read the complete list of standard libraries here. There are also others available that you can download and install for unique challenges or software such as Android.

Currently, my favorite library is Tkinter. Tkinter is a module that replicates Tk/TCL within Python and allows you to create a quick Graphical User Interface (GUI) for your programs – great for trying to put together a prototype program with basic aesthetic design control for things like buttons, entry boxes, text and other visual elements that make up the front end of a computer program.

+Pro Tip: When you’re trying to use a new module, you can read how to use it in the module’s documentation. Here’s Tkinter’s documentation.

++ Today’s find: Free guide called “Automate the Boring stuff with Python

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