Marketer Slash Programmer

I have studied and currently work in Marketing*, with around 5 years of experience. I would like to begin sharing my journey through the coding world. I have chosen Python as my language to explore, to start. I began last fall by completing three free online courses on Coursera – taught by an amazing professor, Dr. Charles Severance from the University of Michigan. Check ’em out if you want an epic introduction to Python and coding in general.

I previously had a little bit of HTML experience – nothing else – so I am very new to coding and enjoying learning a little more every day. I’m going to post my trials, problems, and things I figure out along the way and anything else I find interesting.

Why do I want to learn to program?

  1. Rapidly growing segments of our lives rely on computers and similar technologies. It seems unwise to remain ignorant of their internal processes.
  2. Web apps are cool, useful and make our lives better. I’d like to build them.
  3. To strengthen myself professionally.
  4. To CREATE – coding is actually a very great creative outlet.

Why Python?

It’s a language that emphasizes readability, is very versatile and has a great community of users to help you solve problems. It can be used for everything from the front end – functionality, user interface, etc. to the back end – data storage, server use, etc.

My goal is to get better every day, and eventually build some cool shit.

Thank you for reading,


*At the time I wrote this, I worked in a non-techincal marketing role. I’ve since moved into a role where I use Python nearly every day. If you’re wondering how, I use Pandas, Requests and Excel a lot at my current gig.

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